Currently on display are photographs of stone statues and monuments in Vermont cemeteries. The Vermont marble quarries from the mid-1800’s brought many skilled stone workers to the state and the legacy they left behind can be found in the area’s old cemeteries. Michael Lew-Smith, a photographer, ecologist, farmer, botanist and father from Hardwick, Vermont has photographed and printed some of this magnificent stone work.

He is fascinated by the stories cemeteries harbor and this series of photographs attempts to convey some of the emotional aspects of the monuments and scenes he has photographed. Using a digital camera to take the pictures, they are printed on an ink-jet printer. The standard inks have been replaced with carbon-based ink set which contains 6 different shades of gray. These carbon inks have been shown to produce the most stable black and white prints available, in some cases more stable than a traditional silver gelatin print.

See the beautiful photographs at the Greensboro Free Library Art Gallery until July 26th and are available for purchase. Call Mary Metcalf, Librarian, at 533-2531 for more information.

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