The trustees and staff of the Jeudevine Memorial Library were delighted to learn they were successful in their application for $100,000 of grant funding under the Accessibility Modification category of the Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP). The VCDP is administered by the State of Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, with funding supplied by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

With the receipt of this large award and the award from the Vermont Arts Council (see photo), a full eighteen months of fundraising efforts, and the remarkable bequests received in 2018, the goal of raising $1.14 million dollars in non-taxpayer dollars has just about been reached. The remainder of the funding for the expansion, the last $550,000, is being requested from the taxpayers in a municipal bond vote on August 11 of this year.

While the state of the economy remains an uncertain factor, the trustees believe we will receive the best pricing on the project by going out to bid in the autumn, when most contractors are putting together their work for the next calendar year. This is the key reason to hold the bond vote together with the state primary. The more bids received, the more likely we will get competitive pricing.

Further, interest rates are low and expected to remain so, and the actual payment of the bond will not commence until 2022, as the money raised to date will be spent ahead of taxpayer dollars. Thus the bond funds would not be spent until late in 2021, when the project nears completion.

The project itself is a large one that will provide an economic boost and hopefully offer work to local residents. It is the intent of the library to keep the project as close to home as possible, with the hope of sourcing local materials and keeping the dollars in the area. This is our own library and we want it to be useful to the town on every level.

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Hunters Will Report Big Game to Regional Reporting Stations

Vermont hunters are reminded to use regional big game reporting stations this fall as they have in past years, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

 Hunters are required to take the deer, bear and wild turkeys they harvest during the hunting seasons to a local big game reporting station within 48 hours. Deer and bear must be field-dressed prior to reporting, and a hunter must take a warden to the kill site of a deer or bear if requested by a warden.

 The hunter must also collect and submit a pre-molar tooth from the bear at the time the bear is reported or within 30 days. The tooth provides important data on the age structure and size of the bear population. Envelopes for submitting teeth are available at all big game reporting stations.

 The department also urges all hunters to tag their harvested game immediately and wear a face covering and practice social distancing when visiting the reporting station.

 A list of big game reporting stations is listed under “Hunt” on the left side of Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website ( home page.

 A proposed regulation is under consideration that would allow different options for online reporting of deer and wild turkeys. The Fish and Wildlife Department will post any future changes on how hunters can report their big game on its website.

Leashed Tracking Dogs for Recovery of Game

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is providing the following list of certified leashed tracking dog owners who volunteer during the hunting seasons to help hunters locate deer or bear that have been shot during hunting season but not yet recovered.

The leashed tracking dog owners, who provide their services free of charge, must pass an extensive exam administered by Fish and Wildlife in order to be certified and licensed to provide their services.

This list, which may be updated during hunting seasons, is available on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website (

2020 Vermont Leashed Dog Trackers

Name Town Phone Numbers

Tim Nichols Granville, NY 518-642-3012 802-353-6020

Travis Nichols Granville, NY 518-642-3012 518-932-6505

Marvin Ainsworth St Johnsbury, VT 802-748-8627

Laura Nichols Granville, NY 518-642-3012 518-932-6506

Jeff Adams Milton, VT 802-324-6316

Nicholas Merritt East Fairfield, VT 802-238-3884 802-922-2515

Kayla Konya East Thetford, VT 802-333-4278

Jacquelyn Magoon Morrisville, VT 802-279-6578

Mandi Harbec Orleans, VT 802-323-3536

Kristie Adams* Pittsford, VT 802-483-6257 802-558-1143

Roger Chauvin Swanton, VT 802-782-1608 802-868-4953

Barry J. Tatro* Hardwick, VT 802-535-7259

Tom DiPietro Jr. Jericho, VT 802-899-4479

Laura DiPietro Jericho, VT 802-899-4479

Jack Dix Cropseyville, NY 802-490-4827

Justin Robert Richmond, VT 802-324-2903

Benjamin Whitcomb Richmond, VT 802-233-8669

David Wilder Barre, VT 802-522-6938

Francis Putney Barre, VT 802-595-4350

Bill Gaiotti Mt. Tabor, VT 802-345-8500

Brett Kelley* Poultney, VT 802-287-5800 802-287-0814

Shelby Maniatty Georgia, VT 802-673-8863

Chris Maniatty Newport, VT 802-334-5637

John Lingner Pownal, VT 802-379-7774 802-823-9388

Alaina Wiskoski* Fair Haven, VT 802-236-7751

Mark Harbec Orleans, VT 802-323-3536

Nick Smith Groton, VT 802-584-3121

Matt Bourgeois Whiting, VT 802-989-2213

Don Morgan Charlotte, VT 802-557-5938 802-425-7097

Scott Newell Groveton, NH 603-636-2264 603-631-0477

Nick Crafts East Dover, VT 802-380-8865

Riley Harness Newbury, VT 802-272-8955

Crystal Earle Johnson, VT 802-730-5591

Courtney Davis Troy, NH 603-209-6548

Julian Roberson Chester, VT 802-875-5853

Jason Cassant Fort Ann, NY 518-796-3215

Ronald Martin Enosburg Falls, VT 802-393-0346

Steven Bourgeois Bridport, VT 802-989-0026 802-758-2526

Matthew Anderson Orwell, VT 802-578-9117

Jamie Hawley Rutland, VT 802-558-5355

Steven Hawley Rutland, VT 802-353-8542


*Semi-Active tracker

Calls will be taken at the Handlers discretion and at the availability of the handler.



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Logano: 'It kind of feels a lot like 2018'

Joey Logano‘s path to this year‘s Championship 4 race is reminiscent to his title-winning season in 2018.

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Jones Joins RPM

Richard Petty Motorsports announced that Erik Jones will join the organization in 2021 as the driver of the No. 43 Chevrolet.

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