5-10AM (5-9 AM Sat.)

"VT. COUNTRY MORNING" with Roland Lajoie

5:15-6:00 AM..."The Classic Hour"

6:20 AM...  

6:40 AM...Forecaster Roger Hill

8:55 AM...PRN'S "Garage Pass"

 Interview Guests:

5/18/15...9:05 AM:  Lacing Up for Cancer (Lamoille Area Cancer Network) update

5/19/15...7:20 AM:  EMS WEEK & Trivia Quiz

5/20/15...7:20 AM:  EMS WEEK & Trivia Quiz  

                 8:20 AM:  Katy Miller of Lamoille County Mental Health

5/21/15...7:20 AM:  EMS WEEK & Trivia Quiz   

5/22/15...7:20 AM:  EMS WEEK & Trivia Quiz

                 8:20 AM:  Local musician Christine Malcolm 






Monday, May 25th

 9:00 AM...Memorial Day Weekend Special hosted by Dierks Bentley

 1:25 PM...Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Tuesday.  May 19th

6:25 PM... Texas Rangers at Red Sox


Wednesday, May 20th

6:25 PM:  Texas Rangers at Red Sox   


Thursday, May 21st

6:25 PM:  Texas Rangers at Red Sox 


Friday, May 22nd

9:25 PM: L.A. Angels at Red Sox   


Saturday, May 23rd
    • 9:00 AM:  RFD with Jeff Angione
    • 2:00 PM:  Power Source Country
    • 4:00 PM:  Thunder Road
    • 6:25 PM:  L.A. Angels at Red Sox

    Sunday, May 24th 



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      May 23, 2015
      Memorial Day weekend isn't complete without The Hardwick Spring Festival

      WLVB's Roland Lajoie will be there in the middle of the bands, floats, fire trucks and barbequed chicken.

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