5-10AM (5-9 AM Sat.)

"VT. COUNTRY MORNING"  with Roland Lajoie

5:15-6:00 AM..."The Classic Hour"

6:20 AM

Old Farmer's Almanac


6:40 AM...Forecaster Roger Hill

8:55 AM...PRN'S "Garage Pass"

9:55 AM..."Country Dirt Live"


Interview Guests

 1/10/19...8:20 AM: Lamoille Restorative Center Executive Director Heather Hobart

 1/11/19...8:20 AM: Vermont Farm Show Executive Director Jackie Folsom

 1/14/19...8:20 AM: Jessica Bickford of Healthy Lamoille Valley (Bullying: A family conversation)

 1/15/19...7:20 AM: Mike Green, director of "Lamoille Valley Rail Trail" Sled Dog Races

 1/21/19...8:20 AM: Vt. musician Rick Norcross & Lanpher Memorial Library librarian Amy Olsen

 1/22/19...8:20 AM:  UVM Extension Service maple specialist Mark Isselhardt


10AM-2:00PM...Craig Ladd Radio Program

 2:00 PM-6:00PM...Tom (McCleod) at 2





Tuesday, January 15th

6:45 PM:  HS Girls Basketball...Lyndon at Lamoille




Thursday, January 17th

6:45 PM:  HS Boys Basketball...Hazen at Peoples




Saturday, January 19th


Sunday, January 20th

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